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Share your learning in an educational community

Tomodachi is a community app that enables students to create unique content and present work to audiences beyond the classroom.


Our 3 Core Pedagogical Values


We believe in connecting students and teachers beyond the physical walls of a classroom so that educational ideas can be shared across our learning communities.


Ever wonder what schools are doing in France, China, or Australia? Sign up to Tomodachi and find out.


We understand collaboration is essential to cultivate peer relationships and gain different perspectives to solve real world problems.

Tomodachi gives students and teachers the tools to engage in an interactive learning experience.


We value the importance of the creative process in education, providing organized choices for students while energizing teachers to be facilitators in learning.

At Tomodachi, students and teachers can develop and share quality portfolios of work in a highly stylized format.

About Us

A translation for ‘friend’ in Japanese, Tomodachi was founded on the mission to create educational connections. We are dedicated to providing a globally inclusive environment where teachers and students can easily gain cross cultural perspectives in learning, whether it is in the subject of Science, Humanities, Foreign Language, or Arts.

Our platform is an end to end tool that gives students the opportunity to be creative, work with others, and ultimately produce a portfolio of work that they find meaningful to share. Educators can also get refreshing ideas and publish the latest inspiring work that extends from their classrooms.

Why not make education trendy with Tomodachi?

Everyday Tool For All Classrooms

Join a global community

From all around the world, students can spotlight educational work with their ‘Tomodachi’ in our safe and secure platform.

Let’s break educational barriers today with social learning.

Designed to empower teachers

With our built-in assignment workflow tool, teachers save time tracking students' work and can easily monitor academic progress.


Grading can finally be a piece of cake.

Drive innovation in student learning

Tomodachi’s interactive multimedia tool allows students to customize their assignments and be innovative content creators.

Why not have fun while showcasing your knowledge?

Communicate with ease

Tomodachi offers a real-time communication tool for users to collaborate and share ideas on any project or assignment.

Teachers can moderate to ensure active participation and discussion.

Teacher & Student Ambassadors

Dr. Angela Hahn

Science Teacher

Dr. Angela Hahn earned a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Physiology from Stanford University and BS in Biochemistry from Beloit College. In ...

Fiona Williams


Fiona Williams is a first year student at Howard University with a major in Chemistry and strong interest in Education studies. Aspiring to pursue a ...

Na Fan

Mandarin Teacher

Na Fan has over 12 years of teaching experience in Mandarin and ESL instruction, ranging from Kindergarten to 10th grade. She has also served as the ...

How Tomodachi Works

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